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The first thing that comes to your mind could be the colour yellow or the smell of turmeric etc. Haldi cleanses and purifies the body, haldi is followed in many cultures, for instance, it's called Pelli koduku or Pellikuthuru in Telugu weddings, which means Making of the bride/Making of the Groom, in Tamil culture it's called Nalangu. Haldi is also followed across religions. Wait a minute, it is not necessarily a monotonous ritual and you can have the fun part too! We have extended the haldi rituals to mini holi celebrations splashing colours and water over the guests and conducting games. Some of the best action photos are taken during haldi ceremonies.


What can be a better combination than yellow? In certain events or rituals, we always try to match the Decor with the kind of ritual item used. Well, in this case, I am talking about Haldi. As you all know, it involves a lot of Turmeric and splashes of Yellow. When it comes to Haldi, you can have Yellow themed decor.

A Floral Haldi

If you are someone who loves to do things unconventionally, then I recommend a completely different style. You can incorporate a full floral theme with exotic flowers

Colour Play

If you want a twist of colours along with flowers, then go for a bright combination of colours like teal and yellow, use some rose petals and make an amalgamation of "some beautiful shades!"

Desi route

How about having potli bags as hangings, bamboo ottomans and marigold strings?

Absolutely Traditional

Let's give up for the traditions, or else we could have never enjoyed such joyful celebrations.

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