beach wedding at intercontinental resorts mahabalipuram

Intercontinental Chennai Mahabalipuram resort is perfect for a beach wedding; has a spacious beach side and well manicured lawns, a grand stage and all. This particular wedding happened early morning when most of Chennai is yet to come out of slumber. White is one of the most elegant colours and it blends very well with other pastel colours.

So, this idea of white, pastel blue and peach were chosen for the beach wedding theme. It was a small and dainty wedding, right by the beach, with a small gathering of the most important and close friends and relatives.

Intercontinental Chennai Wedding Cost

The Intercontinental Chennai Mahabalipuram has a total of about 105 rooms, from classic rooms to suite rooms. When you book the entire resort, there are usually no restrictions. Rooms range from upwards of 15000 INR.

Buffet costs are around 2000 INR and one can get a rough estimate for the stay and dine. Breakfast buffet are usually included in the tariff.

What remains is the cost of the decor, photo, video and other wedding related expenditure.

So, for a reasonable cost, we can conduct a beautiful beach wedding at the Intercontinental resorts Chennai.

There is a large banquet hall at Intercontinental Chennai Mahabalipuram resort, which can be used of you prefer the indoors, especially for smaller functions or a Sangeet etc.

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Let's plan something awesome, together!

Adyar, Chennai

TN, India