Aarathi Plates for Wedding

Visit our Exclusive Web Store to view and purchase a fine collection of aarathi plates for your wedding.

Unique wedding aarathi plates/aarthi plates that we make, come in a variety of designs and various material. You choose according to your preferences and budget. Our showroom is in RK Mutt Road, Chennai.

We deliver all over the world.

Any ordinary plate can be customized to suit the taste of the clients for decorating marriage events and also as a decorative display.

As you know, the act of aarathi plays a very important part in hindu culture. Marriage Colours provides you aarathi plates for wedding and other functions. Aarathi plates are used to greet the bride and groom at weddings. We arrange a variety of eye catching aarathi plates that match your likes and preferences, while at the same time being traditional. Wherever you are in Chennai, your aarathi plates will reach your destination. With a large vendor base, Marriage Colours can support you with an exquisite collection of aarathi plates for wedding, in magnetic colours, with design inputs taken from clients to produce aarathi plates suiting your budget. While budget is a constraint, we ensure that the final products are always to the satisfaction of the client.

Wedding locations are finalized with the assistance of Chennaihalls. The wedding aarathi plates are finalized at Marriage Colours. As we consider every moment of your wedding event as most auspicious, we strive our best to ensure that there is not even a single jarring note in the entire symphony. To make it more colourful as they vibrate with joy in the festive mood, we create aarathi plates for wedding in wonderful new designs and vibrant colours, with unique new design releases for every wedding.

A variety of aarathi plates are made available based on the occasion. For example, a wedding aarathi set could have 3, 5, 7, 9 or more aarathi plates, which are used by the bride's and groom's family and relatives to remove or ward off the evil eye on the couple and to ensure they have a wonderful married life. Different types of aarathi plates for wedding are made available, such as plates with the names of the couple embossed on the plate, aarathi plates with various decorative designs on them, plates decorated with paper flowers, aarathi plate decorated using satin and other ribbon material, aarathi plates decorated with mirrors and glass or various colours and shades, aarathi plates made out of terracotta with lamp and other designs, aarathi plates made out of coconut shells are some of the numerous aarathi plate designs available with us.

The range of aarathi plates with our vendors will astound you. These are available in a wide range of metals such as brass aarathi plates, steel, copper, silver aarathi plates. Of course, according to tradition, aarathi plates made out of gold are not generally used to perform aarathi. How do you want them to be presented? Painted in bright colours , embroidered in floral designs or powder coated ? We have them all. Aarathi plates for wedding are also available in a wide range of prices, suitable for any budget. Get in touch with us for aarathi plates for other occasions that you may have in your family too.

With our vendors attending to your need for a wedding aarathi plate, be it a designer aarathi plate or an intricately designed and decorated aarathi plate, your search all around the city is not required any more.

All our beautiful aarathi plates for wedding are those that capture the imagination of your guests, plates that are professionally finished and of the highest quality.

Do you want a best quality designer aarathi plate with lamps or diyas attached for doing aarathi? Never look anywhere else. Some of the plates are created with lovely designs and are fitted with lamps. The lamps are also covered on three sides so that they don't go off due to the strong breeze that may blow during the day.

If you want aarathi plates for wedding with micro designs, we have a collection of those kinds too. Aarathi plates crafted using high quality material, which are durable with unique and aesthetically designed patterns, in various sizes and packaged to the highest standards.

Visit our aarathi plates online store to get a first hand feel of our aarathi plates collection.

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Let's plan something awesome, together!

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